We help anyone with autism. The reason we choose “Visions Of Autism" was I believe we all have visions or thoughts and different ways of expressing it of what we want out of Life. That includes people with autism. The multi colored people shows Autism knows no color it affects all people on the earth and this is why we used the earth. At Visions Of Autism we are helping to spread the word about nurturing the talents of people with autism so they can contribute to our society.
  • “We recycle things people throw away to help people with Autism” 
  • We started this organization to help people with Autism by using items people throw away and recycling them to create funds to support people with Autism. By donating you are doing your part to help people with Autism.
  • We recycle laser, and ink jet cartridges, cell phones, cell chargers, car chargers, watches, laptop computers, mp3 players, ipods, ipads, jewelry real and costume.

Contact Information
Visions Of Autism
P.O. Box 1115
Katy, Texas 77492-1115
Phone 832-531-5763